Nutritional Information

Here is the full list of products you will find online and in-store at the bakery.

Single Layer Cake

Chocolate Truffle 11″ single layer  V, GF

Courgette with lime and basil 11″ single layer  V, GF, EF

Lemon polenta and blueberry 11″ single layer  V, GF

Orange polenta and poppyseed 11″ single layer  V, GF, DF

Pear and hazelnut single layer  V, GF

Plum and almond 9″ square  V, GF

Vegan almond raspberry and chocolate 9″ square  V, GF, DF, FRS

Bundts Cake

Coffee and Walnut Bundt  V, GF

Marble Bundt  V, GF


Antioxidant berrry lift

Power House Ve, GF, NF, FRS

Beyond detox

Beyond detox 12 oz

Bloody hell

Breakfast on the go

Bursting Berry dairy free

Daily Booster Ve, GF, NF, FRS

Choka chocolate Ve, GF, FRS

Detox greens

Detox Greens 12 oz

Green monster Ve, GF, FRS

Kale rider

Mango Tango

Pineapple passion Ve, GF, NF, FRS

Workout wonder

Workout Refresher Ve, GF, NF, FRS


Apple and blackberry crumble V, GF, NF

Banoffee regular cupcake GF, NF, V

Blackforest regular cupcake V, GF, NF

Caramel macadamia regular cupcake V, GF, NF

Chocolate and ganache regular cupcake V, GF

Chocolate regular cupcake choc buttercream V, GF, NF

Chocolate and hazelnut regular cupcake V, GF

Cookies and cream cupcake GF, NF, V

Double Chocolate GF, V

Kids Pink vanilla GF, NF, V

Kids white vanilla GF, NF, V

Mixed berry regular cupcake GF, NF, V

Natural red velvet cupcake GF, NF, V

Rocky road regular cupcake V, GF

Strawberry regular cupcake V, GF, NF

Salted caramel regular cupcake GF, V

Tiramisu regular cupcake V, GF, NF

vegan pistachio regular cupcake GF, VE

Vegan passionfruit and coconut Ve, GF

Vegan free from refined sugar regular cupcake Ve, GF, FRS, NF

Vegan carrot cupcake VE, GF, FRS

Vegan lemon and raspberry regular cupcake VE, GF


Lolas Chicken Caesar Salad NF

Mozzarella Super Green Salad V, NF, EF

Organic California Quinoa Salad Ve, GF, NF

Organic Green Salad with Lemon Dressing Ve, GF, NF

Smoked Mackerel & New Potato Salad with Beetroot Dressing EF, NF

Tenderstem Broccoli with Pearl Barley & Za’atar V, NF, EF


Hot Toasted Garlic Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Ciabatta V, EF

Hot Toasted Smokey Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Chutney Ciabatta NF

Hot Toasted Honey Glazed Ham, Pickle & Cheddar Cheese Ciabatta NF

Hot Toasted Balsamic Roasted Broccoli, Roasted Peppers, Tapenade with Onion & Mozzarella Ciabatta V, NF, EF

Hot Toasted Mozzarella, Tomato, Rocket & Pesto Ciabatta V, NF, EF

Hot Toasted Tuna Melt Ciabatta NF, EF

Lolas Ham and Cheese Ploughman’s NF

Lolas Cheese Ploughman’s Ciabatta V, NF

Mozzarella Super Green V, EF, NF

Mediterranean Veggie VE, NF

Rare Roasted Beef NF, EF

Seared Tuna Nicoise DF, NF

Serrano Ham and fig EF, NF

Smoked Salmon Grebiche DF, NF


Cranberry and oat cookie V, GF, NF

Double chocolate chip cookie V, GF, NF

White chocolate cookie V, GF, NF


Beetroot and chocolate Loaf  V, GF

Coffee and walnut small loaf  V, GF

Coffee and walnut large loaf  V, GF

Orange and polenta loaf

Large orange and polenta loaf

Marble loaf  V, GF

Small marble loaf  V, GF

Vegan carrot large loaf  Ve, GF, FRS

Vegan carrot small loaf  Ve, GF, FRS

Small vegan cranberry and walnut loaf

Large Vegan cranberry and walnut loaf


Banoffee cheesecake 7″  V, GF, NF

Banoffee cheesecake 9″  V, GF, NF

Banoffee mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Blueberry Cheesecake 7″  V, GF, NF

Blueberry mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Blueberry cheesecake 9″  V, GF, NF

Brownie cheesecake 7″  V, GF, NF

Brownie 9″ cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Brownie mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Caramel peanut 7 cheesecake  V, GF

Caramel peanut 9″ cheesecake  V, GF

Caramel peanut mini cheesecake  V, GF

Chocolate mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Chocolate fudge cheesecake 7″  V, GF, NF

Chocolate fudge 9″ cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Cookies and cream cheesecake 7″  V, GF, NF

Cookies and cream 9″ cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Cookies and cream mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Lemon mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Lemon cheesecake 7″  V, GF, NF

Lemon 9″ cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Macadamia mini cheesecake  V, GF

Macadamia cheesecake 7″  V, GF

Macadamia 9″ cheesecake  V, GF

Original cheesecake 7″  V, GF, NF

Original cheesecake 9″  V, GF, NF

Original mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Red Velvet mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Red mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Raspberry cheesecake 7″  V, GF, NF

Red velvet 9″ cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Raspberry 9″ cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Raspberry mini cheesecake  V, GF, NF

Mini Cake

Blueberry and almond friand  V, GF

Gluten free chocolate truffle mini cake  V, GF, NF

Raspberry and almond friand  V, GF

Rhubarb ad ginger crumble mini cake  V, GF

Whole lemon and raspberry mini cake  V, GF, DF

Layer Cake

Banoffee 7″ layer cake  V, GF, NF

Cookies and cream 7″ layer  V, GF, NF

Salted caramel 7″ layer  V, GF

Carrot Cake  V, GF, EF

Natural red velvet 7″ layer  V, GF, NF

Vegan fudge cake 7″ layer  Ve, GF, FRS, NF

Mixed berry 7″ layer  V, GF

Vegan Victoria sponge  V, GF

Banoffee 9″ layer cake  V, GF, NF

Cookies and cream 9″ layer cake  V, GF, NF

Rocky road 7″ layer cake  V, GF

Chocolate 9″ layer  V, GF, NF

Blackforest 9″ layer

Macadamia 9″ layer  V, GF

Chocolate hazelnut  V, GF

Tiramisu 9″  V, GF, NF

Salted caramel 9″ layer cake  V, GF

Lemon 9″ layer  V, GF, NF

Vanilla 9″ layer  V, GF, NF

Blackberry and apple  V, GF, NF

Carrot cake 9″  V, GF, EF

Natural Red Velvet cake  V, GF, NF

Vegan pistachio 9″ layer  Ve, GF

Vegan fudge 9″ layer  Ve, GF, FRS, NF

Vegan mixed berry cake  V, GF, EF

Victoria sponge 9″ layer  V, GF

Vegan lemon and raspberry 9″ layer cake  Ve, GF


Banana and pecan muffin  V, GF, DF

Blueberry mini muffin  V, GF

Double chocolate chip mini muffin  V, GF, NF

Blueberry muffin  V, GF


Regular scones  V, NF

Regular raisin scone  V, NF

Gluten free blueberry scone

Gluten free cheese and chive scone  V, GF, NF

Gluten Free plain scone  V, GF, NF

Gluten Free raisin scone  V, GF, NF


Croissant  V, NF

Pain au raisin  V, NF

Pain au chocolate  V, NF

Vegan Croissant  Ve, NF

Savoury Tarts

Cheese Straws V, NF

Leek and cheddar cheese rolls  V, NF

Leek and goats cheese tart  V

Spinach and feta roll V

Sweet potato with creme fraiche V, NF

Mushroom and red onion tart V, NF

Supergreen savoury tart V, NF


Chocolate granola pots Ve, GF, NF

Mango and chia seed pudding Ve, GF, NF, FRS

Organic porridge with almond milk and mixed berry compote Ve, GF

Organic porridge with skimmed milk and berry compote V, GF, EF, NF

Organic porridge with soya milk and berry compote V, GF, NF

Organic porridge with whole milk V, GF, NF, EF

Overnight Oats V, GF, NF, EF

Raspberry chia seed pudding V, GF

Chocolate Truffle 11″ single layer  V, GF